Song of the Week | Grace Gillespie - HUH

Song of the Week | Grace Gillespie - HUH

Grace Gillespie · HUH

The new WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” is the spectacular new single, “HUH,” from Grace Gillespie. This is the second time the SOTW spotlight has shined down on the London-based artist and producer for good reason!

Gillespie released her debut EP, Pretending, in June 2019 via Kaleidoscope and it was met with tons of praise across the music blog-o-sphere, including right here where it made my top albums/EPs of 2019 list. Her ability to blend multiple genres and styles to create her own musical identity grows by leaps and bounds with each new release.

The latest single questions why we allow ourselves to lose childhood wonder as we become adults and deal with the slog of 9-5 to life. On the song she says: “We become increasingly affected by external factors as we grow older and it becomes increasingly difficult to think like a child again. That innocence and curiosity is lost forever. But it’s still fun to think about, to try and look at things in different ways, as if through the eyes of someone else.”

I’m a huge fan and you should be too! If you haven’t yet pick up her debut EP and get to know all about your new favorite musician.

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