Song of the Week | Langhorne Slim - Life Is Confusing

Song of the Week | Langhorne Slim - Life Is Confusing

Photo Credit: Harvey Robinson

The WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight is focused this time on the beautiful new single from Langhorne Slim titled, “Life Is Confusing”. The musician was born Sean Scolnick and took his stage name from his hometown in Pennsylvania. He’s been crafting his distinct style of Americana for almost two decades, combining elements of folk with country, chamber-pop and punk, to create a sound that is truly original and defies any of our attempts at musical categorization, which makes Langhorne an artistic force to be reckoned with.

“Life Is Confusing” is off the now Nashville-based musician’s brand new release, Lost at Last Vol. 1, which is his sixth studio album and was released November 10th via Dualtone RecordsThe track is a richly layered composition of strings built delicately around male/female vocals and melancholy chords. The chorus of the song, “Life is confusing and people are insane,” is pretty much an accurate statement on the current state of the world we find ourselves in these days.

Confusing insanity may be the lay of the land in 2017 (and beyond) but as I always say music makes everything better. Langhorne Slim’s music makes everything better and then some!

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