Song of the Week | Luka Kuplowsky - Anew Day

Song of the Week | Luka Kuplowsky - Anew Day

Photo credit: Melissa Richards

This week’s WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight is once again focused on the wonderful city of Toronto and shines down brightly on the fantastic cover of Mary Margaret O’Hara’s, “Anew Day,” from Canadian musician Luka Kuplowsky. The track features Bahamas’ Felicity Williams and is off the upcoming EP, Judee Justin Arthur Mary, out April 24th via Mama Bird Recording Co.

Luka speaks to the song saying;
“When I sing Mary Margaret O’Hara’s “Anew Day”, I feel directly channeled to the joy and sorrow embedded in the music and lyrics. The first time I covered the song was the closing night of the Holy Oak Cafe – a space in Toronto that is so deeply important to my songwriting. The song is forever tied to memories of change and rebirth. Singing “Anew Day” is always utterly present and moving for me.”

I loved this song instantly and think you all will as well. Also be sure to check out the original version which inspired Kuplowsky.

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