Song of the Week | Lys Guillorn & Her Band - Tinctoria

Song of the Week | Lys Guillorn & Her Band - Tinctoria

Photo credit: Ken Dixon

The latest WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight is sharply focused on the incredible single, “Tinctoria,” from Connecticut musician Lys Guillorn. It’s her newest single which follows on the heels of her 2017 EP, I’m A Boy, released on March 24th, via her own record label Little Cowgirl Records.

Guillorn has been crafting her style for a number of years and steadily making her mark on the New England music scene since the release of her eponymous debut album back in 2003. The talented multi-instrumentalist plays guitar, banjo, lap-steel, keys, and I’m willing to bet if you were to toss her some spoons and a jug she’d more than likely play the hell out of those as well!

“Tinctoria” begins with the lyrics, “To live is to dye,” yes dye NOT die. The wonderful play on words comes from Guillorn’s interest in using natural elements found while exploring the woods of Connecticut to create dyes for fabric. The track was even included in her exhibition of dye-related photos at the Institute Library in New Haven, CT’s Ark/\Hive last month.

Photos, music, and dye…oh my! Is there anything this artist can’t do?

Check out Lys Guillorn & Her Band when they take the stage at the East Rock Concert Series at mActivity in New Haven, CT Sunday, August 19th. Tickets and info here.