Song of the Week | MariaElena - Es De Fantasía

Song of the Week | MariaElena - Es De Fantasía

The new WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” shines brightly down on Kansas and focuses sharply on the incredible song, “Es De Fantasía,” from Wichita-based project MariaElena. It’s the first song and title track off her sophomore album released November 2019.

Music has long been a part of Maria Elena’s life and she has been writing and releasing songs, either in bands or on her own, for many years. She formed a band called The Great Plains while living in Beijing and upon returning home formed a jazz-infused folk band called El Cuco. In 2018 Elena and her talented group of musicians released the album, Hollow Bones, as MariaElena. It is a fourteen song collection of indie-folk numbers that is just lovely from start to finish.

In November 2019 the band released their second album, Es De Fantasía, which is Elana’s first full-length Spanish language release and highlights the musicians ability to take so many styles of music and create a sound that transcends any language barrier… including my own. The lyrics were inspired by the writings of Massachusetts-based poet Tricia Maria, and the collaboration between the friends helped to create something that is incredibly unique and wonderfully moving.

Take a listen to the single, “Es De Fantasía,” and I believe you will be as smitten with the song as I am my friends! Word on the street is that the band are working on new music this year and I look forward to sharing that with you all when it is ready.

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