Song of the Week | Stealing Sheep - Joking Me

The latest edition of the WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight is once again sharply focused on the UK and this time it shines down on the dance-tastic new single, “Joking Me,” from Liverpool trio Stealing Sheep. The song is from their upcoming new album, Big Wows, set for release April 19th, 2019 via Heavenly Recordings. This will be the band’s third full-length album following their sophomore effort, Not Real, released if 2015, and their debut, Into the Diamond Sun, released in 2012.

Stealing Sheep are Emily Lansley (vocals/bass/guitar), Luciana Mercer (vocals/drum kit), and Rebecca Hawley (vocals/keys, together they create energetic pop full of sparkling synths and dance beats intertwined around incredible harmonies. There are hints of Ladytron and pieces of Gary Numan and slices of The Knife packed into just about 4 minutes of stellar music. Sure there are influences of the great synth-bands that came before them but Stealing Sheep aren’t sampling from the past, they are simply taking a tried-and-true electronic sound and carving their own new wave path.

Check out the fantastic video for, Joking Me, above. The trio teamed up with 8–bit video artist Pastel Castle (Emily Garner) who also created a Karaoke video series for the album. That is going to be pretty damn great!

Stealing Sheep have confirmed a 2019 UK tour (sadly no US tour as of yet). Tickets and info are available on the band’s site