Song of the Week | Talkboy - All Works Out

Song of the Week | Talkboy - All Works Out

Photo credit: Daisie Jacobs

The latest WMFO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight focuses once again on the UK city of Leeds and shines down for the second time on Talkboy. We’ve squared our sites on their wonderful new single, “All Works Out,” taken from the band’s upcoming debut EP due out soon.

Talkboy are Katie Heap (vocals), Calum Juniper (vocals), Tim Malkin (guitar), Charlotte Jones (keys), Tom Sargent (bass), and Jake Greenway (drums). Having officially formed in 2017, and with only four other (brilliant) singles to their name, they have begun to weave their way through the UK music scene like total pros! This summer alone they have played big festivals like The Great Escape, Live At Leeds, and Y Not and have been selected by loads of incredible UK bands as an opening act. I have a feeling that when the debut EP is finally released there will be loads of incredible UK bands requesting to open for Talkboy on their headlining tour.

Discussing their latest single, the band detailed: “The song isn’t this blissful unawareness that everything will be alright in the end so just shut everything out. It’s more like, when stuff does go wrong, I’m here if you want. Being friends with someone is hard and something we are still learning how to do properly, but I think if you can just do the very basic thing of turning up and be there for whoever it is that you are close to, that’s a good start”.

“All Works Out” is out now via Come Play With Me/LAB Records and is available on all digital platforms.

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