Song of the Week | The Lowest Pair - Wild Animals

Song of the Week | The Lowest Pair - Wild Animals

Photo Credit: Sarah Kathryn Wainwright

This week’s WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight is brightly focused on the incredible new single, “Wild Animals,” from Olympia/Minneapolis duo The Lowest Pair. The band officially formed in 2013 and have recorded and released four albums of original songs and one covers album over the years.

The Lowest Pair is Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee, both of whom had made names for themselves in the folk music scene for quite a while before their paths crossed while performing at festivals across the midwest. Winter had released three solo albums as well as played in a bunch of folk and punk bands, while Lee was busy creating homemade banjos and fronting a number of string bands in Minneapolis.

The Perfect Plan is the dynamic banjo-duo’s sixth release due out April 24th via Delicata Records. The new single off the album is the second to be released following the stellar, “Too Late Babe,” which came out back in February. Speaking of the track Kendl says: “Wild Animals’ is about following curiosity and intrigue into the mysterious places that they can take you, being both frightened and excited by a wilder side, internally or externally, and not wanting to return to normalcy after experiencing the ecstatic, all the while trying to hold steady.”

I’m super excited that we have new music from this amazing band! Hoping when the world is back to normal and this badness is in the past that perhaps a tour (with a stop in Boston) might come to fruition.

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