Song of the Week | Tiger Mimic - It Was Still Dark

Song of the Week | Tiger Mimic - It Was Still Dark

The latest WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight is sharply focused on the UK and shines down on the outstanding new single “It Was Still Dark” from an up-and-coming London quartet known as Tiger Mimic.

Tiger Mimic are Jess R (vocals/keys), Bram Johnson (guitar/vocals), Ben Willis (bass) and George Latham (drums). The band formed in the Fall of 2018 after Jess and Bram put the states behind behind them and set their musical sites on the United Kingdom. They quickly fell in with Grammy Award winning producer Matt Lawrence and the talented bunch began work creating the debut EP, Elephant Skeleton, released January 2019.

I think “It Was Still Dark” is the perfect addition to your summertime playlist and it needs to be blasted at full volume outside somewhere so everyone can hear it… be sure you are socially distancing of course! Their sound transports you away from the daily humdrum of quarantine life and right to your favorite music club with a push of the button. Here’s to the day when the Tiger Mimic gang can hit the road again and we can all gather together to in those clubs to see them live!

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