Song Premiere | KaiL Baxley – "Beneath the Bones"

Song Premiere | KaiL Baxley – "Beneath the Bones"

The Music Savage gang is stoked to be able to share an exclusive new track from KaiL Baxley called “Beneath The Bones”.

“It’s an autobiographical song about learning how to live with regret. The process of moving on and letting go. The acknowledgement that there are no perfect answers and that sometimes what is, is simply what it is because it is.”

This beautifully moody, soul-laden track is the first single off of Baxley’s upcoming self-produced LP which was recorded at the late Elliot Smith’s New Monkey Studios and United Studios in Los Angeles.

Baxley’s life itself is quite a story ( evidence here ), and after hearing more evidence of his sonic mastery with this release, we really can’t wait to hear how he’ll bring the rest of his trials and tribulations to life for our listening pleasure.

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