Steel Phantoms EP

Film Reel Quiver
Evening Routine

Steel Phantoms is a Brooklyn based rock band started by longtime friends Aaron Harris (formerly of Islands) and Yos Munro.  I got the chance to listen to their EP (available on their bandcamp) a few (hundred) times; and its brilliant. Fans of Wolf Parade, Islands, and The Modern Lovers will really dig these guys. Pounding drums, piercing guitars, keyboard melodies, a musical feel that is fresh, and complete; its totally obvious these guys have been playing together for a long time.

With a tour supporting Islands and Active Child already under their belts and a new album in the works, 2011 looks like it could be their time to shine.

Get over to their bandcamp and buy this EP ($5),  you won’t regret it.

*photo by Aicha Diop