Sweaters - Can't Stop Winning

Can’t Stop Winning

Another west coast soul / rock band out there… and this sound is fantastic.  The band, Sweaters, is a quartet out of L.A. just released a 7″ single on White Iris Records.  The track, Can’t Stop Winning, is a glowing mid-tempo soul rock effort with some amazing melodies backed up by a piano rhythm.  As the energy ramps up the music blasts and the fuzzy guitars and slamming piano chords come, it tells you to live life as hard as you can.

Each 7″ single will come with a 14 page manifesto written by vocal / keyboardist, Jordan Benik.  The manifesto is a story about the world in the eyes of Sweaters (the band not the article of clothing)  and reads “as an instruction manual for epiphanies, or fever dreams…”

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