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Best of 2021 | Ryan D.

Wow, once again it feels like it has been the longest year since last year! With all the turmoil in the world and the exhausting amount of nonsense (& oh yeah and we are STILL in a fucking pandemic!!!) I once again turn to music to help get me through it all. Music has always been my therapy, my escape, and being able to share my love of it with all of you is the best… my favorite thing in the universe honestly! Speaking of the best, the albums and EPs mentioned below are the absolute BEST of the best,…

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#HotTakes | Week of 03.22.21

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance. Shining Star // Chloe Foy Blossom // Eliza Shaddad Good To See Ya // Riley Downing Present in the Moment // Eades Erasure // Hooveriii Fine Line // Oliver Wood An Ordinary Life // Wasuremono Everyone’s The Same // ISLAND Love Me Hardly // The Pink Stones Make Peace // Matt Sucich Good Old Days (Choral A Capella Version) // JR JR Normal // David Ramirez Here’s to Another // Anna of the North I Don’t Think About It // Jackson Scribner

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#HotTakes | Week of 02.22.21

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance. Santiago // Billy Wylder Better Days // Jennifer Tefft Left-Centred Weight // Chloe Foy 23 // Wallice Wet Eyes // Social Haul Daydream // Cariss Auburn Never Been Good // Lydia Luce Don’t Mind The Weather // Sunflower Thieves Here Comes The Shock // Green Day Devotion // Airpark (ft. Nightingail) Airpark · Devotion (Feat. Nightingail) Appy Returns // Ryanhood ryanhoodmusic · Appy Returns We Are Not as Strong as We Think We Are // Derek Webb Deep Breath // Riley Downing Like a Ship // Leon…

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Song of the Week | Chloe Foy – Oh You Are Not Well

The WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight is once again aimed at the UK and this week it shines directly on musician Chloe Foy with the release of her stellar new single, “Oh You Are Not Well.” Foy discovered her love of music early on in her hometown of Gloucestershire and would go on to attend the Gloucester Academy of Music where she became a classically trained pianist and cellist. You can hear just how that training was utilized listening to her first single, “I’ve Got a Feeling,” released in 2012. 2016 saw the release of…

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