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Photos | Against Me! @ House of Blues (Cleveland)

[I]’d gone in expecting audience participation at the hands of some of Against Me!’s more anthemic songs, like “I Was a Teenage Anarchist” and “Unconditional Love.” But nearly everything on their setlist became a rowdy singalong. It’s rare to see a band play with such obvious joy, and I’m not sure there was a point in their set where Laura wasn’t smiling. With very little time devoted to introducing songs and only a brief break before the encore, Against Me! fit in old favorites like “Pints of Guinness Make You Strong,” “Don’t Lose Touch,” and a lively rendition of “Turn…


Review + Photos | Sage Francis @ Alhambra Theater (PDX)

Photos by Carrie Johnston In his fourteen-year career as a rapper, Sage Francis has garnered fans through clever navigation of language around topics ranging from personal anguish and societal distrust, to being awkward around girls. His DIY approach has kept those fans loyal since making his first recordings out of his apartment in Providence, Rhode Island in 1999. After working with the big labels for the middle section of his career, he has gone back to his homemade label, Strange Famous. Thankfully, Sage’s success has not catapulted him through the roof of fame and fortune. He is still essentially on…