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#HotTakes | Week of 01.24.22

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance. Airport // Alex the Astronaut The Banks of the Miramichi // Allison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves Just Around The Corner // JD McPherson Tides // Ashley Myles Runaway // Buffalo Rose Champion // Warpaint Better When We’re Close // Poolside & Brijean Black Hole // Ryan Bourne I Won’t Mention It Again // Donovan Woods Without Any Airs // Fruit Bats In A Mist // Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection Respirate // Pinegrove Pine Grove // Ian Noe Hey Me, Hey Mama // Sierra Ferrell Borne //…

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#HotTakes | Week of 11.22.21

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance. Standing Lessons // The Aberdeen I Hope You Change Your Mind // Donovan Woods When Everything Went Wrong // Fantastic Negrito Miranda // Frank Turner Bachelorette Screams // Westwood Avenue (Ft. Erin Rae) Brothers // Phil Cook Here for You // Sea Wolf

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#HotTakes | Week of 05.03.21

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance. Treat You Right // The Jungle Giants Wrong With You // Tristen Dried Up River // The Lone Bellow Out of Touch (Feat pHoenix Pagliacci) // Shad Love Special Delivery // Los Lobos Boston Town // The Wolff Sisters Maré // Rodrigo Amarante Start It Over // Riley Downing 4:38am (Bedroom Reprise) // Barrie Can’t Wait to Break Your Heart // Carsie Blanton Frosty // Jonah Tolchin Frosty by Jonah Tolchin I Wanna Get High // The Record Company IOWA // Donovan Woods & Aoife O’Donovan

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#HotTakes | Week of 03.15.21

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance. I Can’t Dance // Zach Schmidt Whatever Keeps You Going // Donovan Woods (ft. J.P. Robarts P.S. Music Project) I Got The Beat // Pauli The PSM Transatlantic // Aoife O’Donovan (ft. Kris Drever) Stay // Israel Nash Stolen Love // Josiah and the Bonnevilles Dontcha Wanna // Gabriel Kelley How Come My Body // Half Moon Run Crescent Bridge // Joe Pug Nightflyer // Allison Russell Wild Bill // Opus Kink MANY FACES // dad sports Overpass // Ben Cosgrove bencosgrove · Overpass Mine Forever //…

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2020 | Steve’s Best of the Year

What. Thefuck. Wasthat? Whatever it was, we made it to the end of 2020 and boy it couldn’t come soon enough. I, for one, can’t wait to bathe in the waters of a New Year like it will bring absolute resolution to all the crap that has been going down in our world. Will that happen? Who knows. But, at this point, any glimmer of hope is one that I’ll hang onto. To say 2020 was a strange one is no novel statement. There were times when I turned to music to get me through each passing moment and there…

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#HotTakes | Week of 05.06.2019

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance. The Mother // Brandi Carlile Man on Fire // Sam Cohen Upcoming Boston Area Show: Saturday, June 3rd @ The Sinclair We Do What We Do Best // Imperial Teen Horizon // Cat Power Upcoming Boston Area Show: Tuesday, September 24th @ Royale Get Down // Haybaby Upcoming Boston Area Show: Friday, July 19th @ O’Brien’s Smoke Inside // Harmony Byrne I Live a Little Lie // Donovan Woods Hero Town // Fearless Flyers Playmate // Olive B Hard To Believe // Charly Bliss Upcoming Boston Area…

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2018 | Steve’s Best of the Year

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! No, you’re not one too many eggnogs in, I said Thanksgiving. I’ll tell ya why. It’s the time of year that we find ourselves taking a step back and looking at all that presented itself to us throughout the last 365 days. In the music world, that often means a “Best of” list, but outside of that, it usually means taking stock of a whole host of other things. And this post might just be a combination of those two things, as while it’s obvious 2018 pushed forward just as much great music as years past, there’s…

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#HotTakes | Week of 04.09.2018

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance. Night Time // Superorganism Upcoming Boston area show: Tuesday, September 11 @ The Sinclair Chevrolet Van // The Nude Party Sierra Blanca // Matthew Logan Vasquez Meltdown // Public Access T.V. CINNAMON // Scott Matthews last words // isaac gracie So Real // Black Pistol Fire Our Friend Bobby // Donovan Woods It’s Called: Freefall // Rainbow Kitten Surprise Mornin’s Gonna Come // Brent Cobb Think It Over // Wild Child Loversity // Sam Lewis PYNK // Janelle Monáe

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Photos | Alan Doyle + Donovan Woods @ The Sinclair

There aren’t many things that are guaranteed in today’s world, but having a good time at an Alan Doyle show is one thing you can count on. This past Thursday night, Mr. Doyle and The Beautiful Gypsies graced the stage of one of the best venues in the region when they took the stage at The Sinclair in the heart of Harvard Square. Opening with a solo and a toast, Alan proceeded to work his way through a set covering his solo material and a handful of classics (I think we can call the that now) from the Great Big…

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