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#HotTakes | Week of 05.20.2019

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance. Go-Go // Michael Jablonka Daylight Matters // Cate Le Bon Upcoming Boston Area Show: Sunday, June 30th @ Once Ballroom Who Hung The Moon // Jamestown Revival strength// bad heaven ltd. Broken Mirror Pose // Kyle Craft Shy // The Big Takeover Upcoming Show: Saturday, June 1st @ Newburyport Brewing Co. in Newburyport, MA Love Supreme (Work Together!) // Ron Gallo Dragons // Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors (featuring The Lone Bellow) Upcoming Boston Area Show: Tuesday, October 22nd @ City Winery Boston Turn Off The News…

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Mixtape | October 2017

Press Play October was a spooky good month for new music, and I’m psyched for the broad range of music that we’ve got on this playlist. Everything from power pop jams to jangly americana to lo-fi ambling indie rock. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. As always if there’s something I missed, please leave a comment and tell me what it is.

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Mixtape | August 2017

Press play With the summer winding down, we’re knee deep in great music. It seems the fall is going to bring excellent music. This month there are awesome tracks from some of our favorite artists like JD McPherson, The Lone Bellow, Iron & Wine, Wolf Parade, The Texas Gentlemen and so many more. It’s been a fun month, so check out the tunes, and let us know if we missed something.

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2013 | Kyle’s Top Records 10 – 6

10. Caitlin Rose – The Stand In [youtube][/youtube] [C]aitlin Rose’s record the Stand In is not only one of the best country records put out this year, but also one of the best records of the year. From top to bottom, this record hits on everything, the songwriting, the music, the sugary sweet vocals, and for god sakes, the hook… on every song, there’s a great hook, that will have you coming back again and again. Rose is a budding songwriter, who is doing everything right here, oh and did I mention her voice is fantastic? The Tracks > Old…


Review | Har Mar Superstar – Bye Bye 17

Har Mar Superstar – Lady, You Shot Me [W]hen Har Mar Superstar announced his new album, Bye Bye 17 was due out April 23rd, I’ll admit I kind of brushed it off. Here’s the thing about Har Mar Superstar, he’s got this shtick. A dead ringer for Ron Jeremy, Sean Tillmann aka Har Mar Superstar is known for his outrageous onstage antics. Last time I saw him, he opened for Father John Misty and almost outstaged Misty himself. He stepped on stage and proceeded to shed a layer of clothing each time he played a song. Among his layers, he…


New Music | Har Mar Superstar – Lady, You Shot Me

Har Mar Superstar

Har Mar Superstar – Lady, You Shot Me

[S]ean Tillmann (no relationship to Josh) could moonlight as a stuntman for Ron Jeremy, (he never seems to want to wear clothes anyways). And he’s about to disembark on his fifth album, Bye Bye 17, on Cult rRecords, and this first single grabs ahold of the Motown sound in all it’s scratchy early 60’s glory. Huge horns sections, organs and Tillmann’s soulful vocals, sometimes scratchy vocals that seem to fit so damn perfectly on a song where the narrative is about a young lady who has done him wrong. It seems to be the perfect sound for him, remarkably his voice seems to be set free by this pastiche, it’s refreshingly throwback and raw sounding.

Bye Bye 17 was written in New York City, the 10-song album was recorded at co-producer Jim Eno‘s (Spoon) Austin studio with a full live band. Focusing this time more on his voice, Tillmann says, “I was listening to a lot of Otis Redding and Sam Cooke at the time, and I’ve always been obsessed with those guys…”Restless Leg,” “We Don’t Sleep,” “Prisoner” and “Rhythm Bruises” came out of people playing together. But the rest were just like me in a room, gettin’ weird, by myself.”

Look for Tillmann’s Har Mar Superstar on tour later this month, with a stop here in Boston in April.