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2013 | Steve’s Top 12 (?) Albums of the Year

[W]elp, it’s that time of the year again — time to try and stack rank the albums I’ve spent my life with over the past year. Weighing intangible against intangible and doing my best to pick which one comes out on top! In some ways, this annual ritual makes me feel like I’m trying to pick a favorite kid. Actually, doing that might be easier. I keed, I keed. No DSS calls please. Below are my top albums for the year and even one bonus suggestion which I was lucky enough to get a preview of during 2013, but that…


2013 | Kyle’s Top Records 20 – 16

20. Jonny Fritz – Dad Country [youtube][/youtube] [L]ast year, Mr. Fritz was Mr. Corndawg, and he’d kickstartered a record that finally came early this year, chock full of new tunes & re-recordings of old tunes with a bunch of great musicians (Dawes) and now we have one of the funnest records in Dad Country, for the year. Fritz has his own special style that can both make you laugh and cry in separate verses. He’s a blooming songwriter, and always a good time live. For the outlaw country fan, this is an album you have to have. The Tracks >…


Video | Jonny Fritz – Goodbye Summer


[T]his just needed to happen, and it is all kinds of wonderful. If this song doesn’t make you smile from ear to ear, I’m not sure what will. I’m in full support, 100% of this video for Jonny Fritz’ “Goodbye Summer,” the biggest earworm of the spring, off his recently released album Dad Country, a song I’ve been humming and singing loudly for the last couple of weeks. Jonny’s free spirited country / folk jams are already pure pleasure to hear, but watching him goof around with fireworks forces me to hit repeat again and again and again.

Please do grab his new record, Dad Country. It’s highly recommended.


New Music | Jonny Fritz – Ain’t It Your Birthday

Jonny Fritz – Ain’t It Your Birthday [T]he artist formerly known as Corndawg, now Jonny Fritz, has been prepping a new album for quite some time.  After getting funded on Kickstarter, he recorded Dad Country ,with Taylor Goldsmith, to be the new answer to Outlaw Country. I was also really happy to see he reached another career milestone was reached when he recently signed with ATO Records, in true outlaw fashion, signing his record deal with with a quill pen. Dad Country hits shelves on April 16th, and he’s releasing his first single off the record, a previously recorded track…