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2016 | Steve’s Top Albums of the Year

It would be no exaggeration to say that this was a stormy year that was challenging for a lot of people on a lot of different levels. When these kinds of times are upon us, music is consistently there to help lift us, unite us, rally us and carry us through. 2016 certainly proved that to be true for me (yet again.) From the first week of January to the waning moments of the December, the albums on this list—along with probably a hundred others—gave me something to continually look forward to. I hope they did the same for you,…

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Photos + Review | Mandolin Orange + My Bubba @ The Sinclair

It was fantastic to come out to Cambridge’s Sinclair, walk towards the stage and see that it was near impossible to find a place to stand. We’d all packed in to see a band who’s latest release is a palette of intimacy and emotion from two of the most sincere and genuine artists I’ve come across. The Sinclair was packed elbow to elbow, and was intensely focused on Andrew Marlin, and Emily Frantz every harmony. And boy can they harmonize, and leave you awestruck. It’s hard to imagine a band or artist out there that comes across more sincere than…

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New Music | Mandolin Orange – Old Ties and Companions

[youtube][/youtube] New music from North Carolina’s Mandolin Orange, the duo of Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz. Old Ties and Companions is a graceful, mandolin ballad that reminds us to acknowledge the special things in life because they don’t last forever, an important reminder for folks that travel as much as Mandolin Orange has. A perfect morning jam on this bright sunny, freezing cold morning here in Boston, grab a cup of coffee and spin this twice. Look for “Old Ties and Companions,” to appear on Mandolin Orange’s upcoming record, Such Jubilee, out May 5th.


Mandolin Orange – Waltz About Whiskey

[S]omething you don’t often come across is a perfect song. A perfect song is a simple song… it has to seem effortless, not conspired… almost conversational. Each word of each line has to count for something, like a complete puzzle revealing a larger picture. It needs to contain truths, but not without engaging the imagination. It’s all a delicate balancing act. A perfect song needs both tension & resolution. And like any good work of art, there has to be a focal point… a moment that knocks you on your ass, that the other moments are building towards and are subservient…

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