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Photos | Illiterate Light + Caiola @ The Sinclair

Returning for the first time since opening for Rayland Baxter in 2019, Illiterate Light brought their headlining tour to The Sinclair last Saturday night and once again left us all better for having attended. This dynamic duo of Jeff Gorman and Jake Cochran, known for their DIY ethos and top-of-throat rock anthems, continue to redefine the indie music scene—and their own style—with their electrifying performances. Their recent show was no exception, showcasing a blend of raw energy, heartfelt lyrics, and an engaging stage presence that had every one of us singing, dancing and already eagerly awaiting their return to the…

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2016 | Steve’s Top Albums of the Year

It would be no exaggeration to say that this was a stormy year that was challenging for a lot of people on a lot of different levels. When these kinds of times are upon us, music is consistently there to help lift us, unite us, rally us and carry us through. 2016 certainly proved that to be true for me (yet again.) From the first week of January to the waning moments of the December, the albums on this list—along with probably a hundred others—gave me something to continually look forward to. I hope they did the same for you,…

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