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Yellow Ostrich – Any Wonder

Yellow Ostrich

[T]he second single off upcoming new album from Yellow Ostrich just hit today, with a synthy rhythmic guitar and at times a full out soaring vocals from Alex Schaaf, this song has a wandering curiosity that is definitely making me thirsty for more. We can look forward to hearing the rest of the album, Cosmos, later this month when it drops on the 25th, and a full tour starting right here in Boston days after the release.

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Best Records of 2012 | 15 – 11

15. Dirty Projectors – Swing Lo Magellan – Always known for their superbly creative music, Dirty Projectors were back at it this year with Swing Lo Magellan, a stylistically eclectic record that is highly danceable (surprisingly enough) with pop hooks that will grab you at the throat. It’s a record that feels spontaneous, featuring polyrhythmic elements that delight your ears from every angle. This may be the most accessible music they’ve created to date, it’s a fun album to listen to in just about all situations. Listen: Dirty Projectors – Gun Has No Trigger | Buy: Swing Lo Magellan 14.…


New Music | Yellow Ostrich – Ghost

[Y]ellow Ostrich has a new track for our ears. Ghost is the title track off their upcoming six-song release, out October 22nd. Its a quieter track with a steady beat. Whatever it is these guys are doing, they better keep it up as it’s consistently churning out fantastic new tunes. The guys are out on tour this fall, where you can grab a copy of their new six-song album on vinyl. Check out the dates below: 10/26 – Kung Been a treatment reviews reviews acknowledged use blue pill pharmacy this Amazon in well sildenafil purple india clarifying highly like…

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Review | Yellow Ostrich – Strange Land

Yellow Ostrich – The Shakedown
Yellow Ostrich – Marathon Runner

Yellow Ostrich’s sophomore album releases today and I’ve got to say I’m extremely impressed with the effort on Strange Land. The difference between Alex Schaaf’s early work when he was a cut and paste artist and now where Yellow Ostrich is, as a 3-piece with a lot of power behind their music is quite a huge gap. This new album features expanded roles in Tapper’s polyrhthmic drumming, and Natchez’ near symphonic addition of horn arrangements and additionally filling out the sound with his bass guitar.

Strange Land begins with the wonderfully summery, breezy track “Elephant King,” a statement song that is anthemic in nature and a great way to start off the album. Leading itself to “Daughter,” my favorite track from the album, a jangly, power-pop / rock track with a really interesting percussion section that seems to layer tons of different sounds atop each other. From there the first single, “Marathon Runner,” with pounding drums, moody guitar riffs another anthemic, hammering,track you’ll be consistently turning louder and louder as the song reaches its climactic, critical mass feel. From there on the album goes through a few waves between moody tracks and more of the anthemic wild eyed feel. Those moody, quieter almost crooning songs, implement Schaaf’s vocals quite a bit more and minimally the sounds tend to sit through the background as the song moves into climax, and they really get powerful.

The band works together really well as the three parts complement extremely well. Together, the blend and the back and forth style really takes this album to another notch. I can’t really find a weak spot on this album, each song has a lot to offer, whether they be the sort of alt-radio friendly (Stay At Home), the in your face bombast (The Shakedown) or the moody crooner (I Got No Time For You) its just a good album that really expand their universe.

Strange Land is a great collection of songs, ones I haven’t been able to turn off for some time now, but it should be noted this does not feel like the album that Schaaf created in his basement, they ditch the loops (save for Marathon Runner) for a more balanced and energetic (and sometimes frenetic) feeling. This feels like quite a different sound yet it just really works for them. Do I think it’s their opus? Maybe not, but this really is a great way for a band to come out of the shadows a bit. It’s also worth mentioning that I am segmenting this album away from The Mistress under the idea that its two completely different bands, and you can definitely feel the energy and creative juice coming not just from Schaaf but from Tapper and Natchez as well. But hey, itss song after song after song of good goddamn music, and leaves us wanting and knowing that there is more to come. I won’t stop listening to it, will you?

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New Music | Yellow Ostrich – The Shakedown

Yellow Ostrich – The Shakedown Yellow Ostrich is releasing another fantastic single off their upcoming album, Strange Land, titled “the Shakedown.” The track is sonically guitar-heavy, and inspired by Neil Young, says singer guitarist Alex Schaff. Their upcoming record takes them on the road with a huge tour (listing below) and note the fantastic show here in Boston with Pittsburgh’s 1,2,3. Strange Land will be released on March 6th Tourdates Yellow Ostrich tour dates: 3/3 – Great Scott – Allston, MA # 3/4 – Mohawk Place – Buffalo, NY # 3/6 – Beachland Tavern – Cleveland, OH # 3/7 –…

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New Music | Yellow Ostrich – Marathon Runner

Yellow Ostrich – Marathon Runner

Super excited for a brand new album from Yellow Ostrich. They’ve recently signed to Barsuk, and now are new full-length that builds upon the success from the Mistress. The first cut from their upcoming album, Strange Land, is one damn fantastic song titled “Marathon Runner,” an indie-rock styled track with pounding drums, moody guitar riffs and it feels as though the band was making a statement with this song. It’s anthemic, hammering, a bit of bombast, and one you’ll be consistently turning louder and louder as the song reaches its climactic, critical mass feel. They are becoming a band I can not avoid, and I’m constantly going back and listening to and I’m extremely excited for a new album from them.

Look for them in town to start the tour, debuting a lot of this new material with 1,2,3 backing them up.

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New Music | Yellow Ostrich – ‘Til I Disappear

Yellow Ostrich – ‘Til I Disappear Check out this unreleased track now surfacing.  “Til I Disapppear,” surfaced as a bonus track today. This comes after Yellow Ostrich re-released the Mistress on Barsuk earlier this year. What’s great about this track is it totally belongs on the Mistress. It’s a fantastic, slightly morose downtempo track that really kicks things up around the two minute mark, unleashing pounding harmonies, and a distortion heavy guitar solo. Exciting stuff, and you can get the track for the cost of an email address below:  

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Video | Yellow Ostrich – WHALE

[youtube][/youtube] Glad to see that this song got more attention and love.  Yellow Ostrich’s The Mistress has quickly become one of my favorite ‘Go To’ albums lately, and this song is a big reason.  Check out the video, and for god sakes, buy their album. Buy The Mistress

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Review | Yellow Ostrich – The Mistress

Yellow Ostrich – 13 Mary (alternate) For a band who landed on everyone’s radar by doing amazing covers of amazing indie songs, Yellow Osrich has managed to, in their debut album The Mistress, create a wealth of new tunes that are entirely unlike anything we’ve ever heard from them. They’ve gone from putting a new take on others’ songs, to creating entirely original songs that are just as endearing and catchy. Yellow Ostrich is fronted by Wisconsin-native Alex Schaaf who currently calls New York home. When he moved to New York, he blindly contacted drummer This cleanser only that young…

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