Tennis - Cape Dory

Take Me Somewhere

Ultimately, if you are reading this, you’ve already heard the story a bunch of times, but for posterity, Husband and Wife duo of Tennis spent months aboard a sailboat (cope dory) sailing the east coast.  They took a chance at writing some songs based on their journeys, wrote, recorded and here we are in love with what they’ve done… both they symbolism and the music.

Since the summer, tracks have surfaced again and again as the hype picked up.  Finally now we get a full body of work in this LP.  How is it as a whole?  Well, its pretty damn good.  Each song has their sound at it’s core, but tells a different story.  Getting the whole journey in 3 minute bits is an interesting way to experience it.  The lo-fi nature of their music speaks well to this kind journey.  The songs are airy, simple, and carefree … just the way the soundtrack to a seafaring journey should be.  Logged in as a 28 minute affair this album is an easy listen and begs you to listen again and again. Point is, this album is easy to fall in love, and makes us all yearn for summer, the ocean breeze, and a carefree 6 month vacation.

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