The Music Savage Show | 05.14.2021

The Music Savage Show | 05.14.2021

The Music Savage Show · Roadrunners

The new show steps on the gas pedal to deliver a high octane burst of music guaranteed to send you way over the speed limit! Press play to hear songs celebrating the 40th anniversary of Cannonball Run and from a few albums turning 30 this year, terrific tunes from bands/musicians on the South African label KuduKudu, a set honoring the life and legacy of Scott Hutchinson, amazing new music out this week, the latest and greatest Hottakes, & more!


Drive – The Wedding Present
Keep The Car Running – Arcade Fire 
Roadrunner – The Modern Lovers
Cannonball – The Breeders
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver – Primus

Less Than Useful – Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
Unbelievable – EMF
Weirdo – The Charlatans
Swim – Madder Rose
Good Idea – Sugar

Midnight Moan – Diamond Thug
Time – Floors
Open Up – World Of Birds
Banshee – Runaway Nuns
Saturday Night – Manu Grace

Be Less Rude – Frightened Rabbit
I Forgot The Fall – Scott Hutchison & Rod Jones
Get Out – Frightened Rabbit
Hate Music – Owl John
Architect – Frightened Rabbit & Manchester Orchestra

One Woman – Stacey
Going Down South – The Black Keys
Down – St. Vincent
Zeitgeist – The Babe Rainbow
Mouthful of Blood – Juliana Hatfield

Northern Lights  – Claire George
Off The Rails – Wallice
Beginnings And Ends – K.C. Jones
Yeah – Havana Swim Club