The Music Savage Show | 07.12.2019

The Music Savage Show | 07.12.2019

My new show is serious about music… and don’t call me Shirley. I play you some songs from a few bands/musicians on tour and playing the Boston area, highlight the killer new Song of the Week, “Rats In The Kitchen,” from Leeds band Party Hardly, say happy birthday to Mavis Staples and Jack White with a few of their tracks, give you a taste of a few albums out today July 12th, let you in on a few amazing numbers from our #Hottakes post, and so much more!


The Embassy – Mos Def
Why So Serious – Alice Merton
Desperate, But Not Serious – Adam Ant
We’re Both in Love With A Sexy Lady – Flight of the Conchords
Greetings to the New Brunette – Billy Bragg

Superficial – Tommy Down
Calling It – Automatic
Bad Thoughts – Lady Lark
Adore You – Joyia
Build A Bridge – Mavis Staples
Change – Mavis Staples

See The Sun – Julie Rhodes
Write About Love – Belle & Sebastian
The Duffler – Fantastic Negrito
Hi, Im Waiting – repeat repeat
The Conversation – Sacred Paws

Rats In The Kitchen – Party Hardly
Comfort Consumption – False Heads
Sunday Driver – The Raconteurs
Sixteen Saltines – Jack White
Ball and Biscuit – The White Stripes

Holding You Tight – Bikini Sleepover
Rebound City – Bleached
Chlorine – Penelope Isles
Deathwish Blue – Kyle Craft & Showboat Honey
Walkaway – Imperial Teen

The Forty-Ninth Parallel – Kacy & Clayton
Take Care – Mauno
Fighter – Joseph
Message To You – Strange Ranger