The Music Savage Show | March 18th

The Music Savage Show | March 18th

The Music Savage Show · March 18th, 2022

The new show starts things off by looking back at a great road trip with songs inspired by the journey. You’ll also get a set of songs from bands/musicians on tour and in the Boston area, hear some great music in honor of PVD musician Nick Iddon, discover new tunes from a few albums out this week, find out about the latest #Hottakes, and a whole lot more. Clear out some space on your calendar for loads of music fun!


Road To Nowhere – Talking Heads
Hockey Week – The Zambonis
Highway Queen – Nikki Lane
Beercan – Beck

So We Won’t Forget – Khruangbin
Body and Mind – girl in red
Deep Blue – The Midnight
More Pressure – Kae Tempest
Vacation – The Dip

Jesus – Jodie Treloar Sampson
Magnetic Joy – Ruby Rae 
Fools Don’t Stay – Mary-Elaine Jenkins
Isn’t It Nice – Lauren King
Key Won’t Unlock My Door – Julie Rhodes

See You Later – The Sonce
Flight or Fight – The Quahogs
1 & 7 – Viking Jesus
Special Hazards – Ravi Shavi
Sueño – Kanerko

Astral Projection – Yumi Zouma
Bethel Woods – Midlake
Ophelia – Shaylee
Heartbeat – Babeheaven
Silver Balloons – Little Boots

Just A Wall – Aubrey Haddard
Dance Around It – Lucius
Insects – October Drift
Everything – Hovvdy