The Parlour Suite - Welcome to the Garden Party

the Goldenhand
Up From Underground

The Parlour Suite, is a folk rock trio from Minneapolis Minnesota consisting of husband and wife duo, Joel (guitar) and Inga (piano) Roberts as well as their close friend Leah Nelson (tambourine).

They are an obvious contemporary of She & Him (is that possible?) as is evident in the Goldenhand.    They meld the perfect 60’s poppy vibe; Inga Roberts voice just screams total pure innocence, it’s very refreshing.  I feel like I should be listening to Up From Underground, in an diner sharing a frappe with a sweet girl.

They’ve got a real fun sound, which is poppy, snappy, catchy and totally adorable.

Check out the rest of their EP, Welcome to the Garden Party is available on itunes.

You can also find them on myspace: