This Weekend | Shows to See!

Ben Kweller – Mean to Me

Me heading out of town tonight seems to be a total buzzkill.  It seems as though all of Boston is going to be lit up with great shows this weekend. Tonight, marks the return of Ben Kweller to Boston at the Paradise. He has recently released a brand new album, Go Fly A Kite,  an album filled top to bottom with shiny upbeat tracks even in the presence of some heavier topics. The straight ahead power pop album is a rockin’ effort that has some really great moments (The Rainbow). Kweller will be joined by Kentucky’s Sleeper Agent, a totally rockin band that just put out their debut Celebrasion back in September.

Tickets are $20

Jenny Owen Youngs with Aunt Martha (Early Show) @ Middle East Upstairs

Jenny Owen Youngs – Great Big Plans

Indie darling, Jenny Owen Youngs will take stage at the Middle East Upstairs on saturday early evening. This is an extra early show (6:15), so make sure you don’t make dinner plans. She’s fresh off the release of her brand new album (Kickstarter Funded!) An Unwavering Band of Light. She takes to town the excellent Aunt Martha, whom I’m particularly enamored of. I saw them in Austin during SXSW and they totally blew up my expectations of their sound and really put forth one of the top shows I saw during the entire festival. They recently gave away their newest album, Norway, ME, a stunning and beautiful assortment of songs that beg you to sit and listen to.

Tickets are $12.

Bowerbirds, Dry the River @ The Paradise

Bowerbirds – Tuck the Darkness In

Bowerbirds take stage Saturday night at the Paradise, touring in support of their new album The Clearing, one of the finest records that has been released this year.  Its a wonderfully pastoral sounding album, full of whispering and sweeping melodies, layering flourishes and beautiful stringed instrumentation.  Its just flippin gorgeous and definitely on my list of favorite albums of 2012.

Tickets are $15, Dry the River supports.