Tonight | Dawes at The Wang Center

Dawes – If I Wanted Someone

Dawes’ sophomore album Nothing is Wrong released back in June, and I was a huge supporter of the stunning lyrics and a 70’s styled folk sensibility they displayed on the album. But one thing that is different about a Dawes album and a Dawes show is just how absolutely fantastic they truly are.

The band has been touring relentlessly since they released the album and are stopping here in Boston tonight to open for the incomparable Alison Krauss. For those in the stands tonight that aren’t aware of just how fantastic this Californian band is, they are in for a really great surprise. I honestly can never get enough of this band, and have probably to a fault been an evangelist for this band. They are beyond amazing live, and if you have the opportunity, I highly suggest making your way to the Wang Center tonight.

There are still tickets—starting at $39—available for tonight’s show  here.