Tonight! Deer Tick with The Felice Brothers

Deer Tick – Miss K.

Fresh off the release of Divine Providence, Rhode Island based boozy rockers Deer Tick will be playing a sold out show here in Boston to crowds of Tick heads dying to hear some their favorite tracks off of DP. The new album is a healthy representation of exactly how a Deer Tick show sounds. It’s a raw, drunken boot stomper that may have turned off some critics (but who gives a shit) but I for one am a huge fan of it. I’ve seen these guys a handful of times, every show has a personality, a different feel, and all have been extremely fun, wild time. I have a feeling this being sold out, Boston being so close to home and with the also fantastic Felice Brothers, this is one show you are going to be upset you missed out on.

Frankies Gun!
In case you aren’t aware of the Felice Brothers (have you been living in a cave?) these Catskill mountain brothers blend elements of folk, americana into a unique sound that can be firmly rooted and steeped in folk / americana traditions. They capture a turn of the century sound and modernize in a way that still keeps a level of classicism. They are truly remarkable live, and should not be slept on.

See you tonight?