Tonight | Field Report, Sean Rowe & Jacob Augustine

Field Report – Taking Alcatraz

[F]ield Report comes into town tonight to play a show at Great Scott, and if you haven’t heard me try and sell you on them yet, I believe their music will do all the talking for me. Porterfield’s roots lie with Justin Vernon and although that may help propel Field Report quite a bit faster, its not unwarranted.  The songs are wonderfully written, extremely carefully crafted, tender and delicate folk songs that are wrapped in an atmospheric multi-layered approach that benefits from a little twang and a moody disposition.

The early show seems to be pretty fantastic, second on is folk singer songwriter Sean Rowe who  has a new record coming out next month will bring his deep voice and poignant songs of heartbreak and redemption.

Folk singer Jacob Augustine whom I’m extremely excited to see play will open the night.  His experimental folk music from the backwoods of Maine is stunning, his voice is strong and the songs are thought provoking and full of depth.

Jacob Augustine – Methadone
Jacob Augustine – Catalina

Tickets are still available and are $12