Tonight | Josh Ritter & Gregory Alan Isakov @ Somerville Theatre

Josh Ritter

[T]onight is one going to be one hell of a show, it is the first night of two special nights with Josh Ritter and Gregory Alan Isakov. Last year, both Josh Ritter and Gregory Alan Isakov put out great records in The Beast in Its Tracks, and The Weatherman, respectively, and a special acoustic night at the Somerville theatre might just be the warmth we absolutely need as winter is refusing to leave the city of Boston.

After the dissolution of his marriage, it seems as though Ritter had a ton of things to write, and The Beast in Its Tracks is that output incarnate. These are songs that immediately feel intimate, it’s loss, and rebirth, its finding someone new. It’s a joyful album, with sentimentality, that looks back and looks ahead, and we look very much forward to hearing it live tonight.

Gregory Alan Isakov is the special guest of the night, and his act will certainly blend really well with Ritter. Isakov’s The Weatherman, was one of our favorite albums of the year. His delicate voice matches perfect with the gentle arrangements his records that are lush, intimate yet confident. His near angelic voice will likely turn us all into big fans, if we aren’t already there.

I’m hoping there is to be a lot of collaboration tonight, I’m very excited to see both of these fantastic songwriters.

See you all tonight?