Tonight | Tallahassee, Joe Fletcher & The Milkman's Union at 939

Tallahassee – Mt. Moriah
Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons – Say What You Will

Tonight at Cafe 939 brings Tallahassee, Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons and the Milkman’s Union.  A night of indie/folk/country music with locals Tallahassee, an understated country / folk band, their recent album, Jealous Hands, could be the country folk album you don’t know about and should absolutely put in your collection.

Second on the bill is Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons, a Rhode Island band, released a fantastic album back in December entitled White Lighter.  Their blend of country blues can be understated folk songs, or near whiskey soaked country slowburners.

The opener, The Milkman’s Union is a 3 piece from Portland, ME.  They just finished up a 7″ to be released in October with a track entitled “Texas Hold Me” which features Lady Lamb the Beekeeper.  The Milkman’s Union creates moody, gorgeous indie-folk with flourishes of sounds and instantly tender lyrics are perfect for a great night of music.

Get out and see some great music.



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