Tonight | Wakey!Wakey! opens for Jukebox the Ghost

The Oh Song

Piano driven power-pop/rock will be the standout this evening as Wakey!Wakey! opens for Jukebox the Ghost at the Middle East downstairs tonight.

Wakey!Wakey! is the pop pride of Michael Grubbs, pianist and vocalist in the band Wakey!Wakey! The NY based band brings their bouncy piano and ‘tug at your heartstrings’ pop music to our fair city. The songs are honest and earnest interpretations of love and lost love set to theatrical melodies and soaring vocals.

Summer Sun
Hold it In

Jukebox the Ghost headlines this evening with 2 fantastic pop records on their belt (one of which made my top 10 last year) and a boatload of momentum from their recent and unbelievable amount of touring. This will be the 3rd time I see the band, and I can’t imagine being disappointed at all. Every time I’ve seen them play its been a nonstop fun ride of high spirited, fun loving, music. The single, Empire, is in my opinion the best pop song from last year. Their albums, and shows are always top notch, and we can definitely expect a fantastic cover (see their cover of Donna Lewis’ I Love You Always Forever). Looking forward to this show on a whole.

Tickets are $15.

See you there?