Top 50 Albums of 2011 30-26

We all love lists, and we all love sarcasm.  Though, I think its important to reflect upon the last year of music, I’m going to do so through the use of a list.  It was a fantastic year full of awesome albums, and I’m going to count down a bunch of my favorites, and give you something to listen to while reading.

30. White Denim – D

White Denim - DWhite Denim – Anvil Everything
The bluesy, garage-rock trio White Denim created a psych-rock abstract album that was a bit avant-garde and a bit influence driven. To be redundant, they create a sound that is unique and retrospective. Favorites include: Anvil Everything, Street Joy, and Keys.
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29. Wye Oak – Civilian

Wye Oak - CivilianWye Oak – Civilian
What a year for Wye Oak, the Baltimore duo released Civilian, a moody, shoegazy, rock album on the strength of Wasner’s quiet vocals and Stack’s powerful guitars. The hard edges of percussion and guitars smoothed by Wasner’s voice this album both plods along, and revs into 5th gear. Favorites include: Civilian, We Were Wealth, and Dog Eyes.
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28. The Bynars – The Bynars

The Bynars - The BynarsThe Bynars – How Does it Feel to Be In Love
Synth pop rockers The Bynars write some of the catchiest songs you’ll ever hear, the hook laden songs that fall on their self titled debut album will make your ears dance. This album churns out fantastic song after fantastic song, the songs are extremely quirky and fun, and a total jamfest. Favorites include: Ba ba ba, Can You Hear It?, and Haunted House.
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27. Jonny Corndawg – Down on the Bikini Line

Jonny Corndawg - Down on the Bikini LineJonny Corndawg – Chevy Beretta
The self proclaimed savior of country music dropped a bomb on us this year, a quick witted honkytonk country affair with gut busting lyrics, tender moments and tons of twangy goodness. I’m a huge huge fan of Jonny, and I loved this album quite a bit. Elements of bluegrass, country, rock & roll, songs about ladies hygiene and one of the most tender songs about reading a diary I’ve ever heard. Favorites include: Silver Panty Liners, Red on the Head, and Undercover Dad.
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26. Hey Rosetta – Seeds

Hey Rosetta - SeedsHey Rosetta – Yer Spring
Sticking to a formula that created Into Your Lungs a favorite, Canada’s Hey Rosetta! really lit things up this year with Seeds. Orchestral folk, sweeping instrumentation, high energy climactic, epic songs, that are highly entertaining on a one off or on a full album basis. Songs that can be awesome listening at high volumes, quiet listening sessions, or full on live band, every song on this album is worth listening to. Favorites include: Bandages, Welcome, and Yer Spring.
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