Video | Biblical - The Quiet Crooks


Halloween’s on its way. Recently, Boston just had a full night and day of howling winds and rain. A black cat literally just crossed my path (granted, she is my cat and she lives here, but just never mind that). What better time to watch a spooky, ominous video? Biblical’s new video for “The Quiet Crooks” has you covered. In the style of Dario Argento, the video brings you to an eerily empty city, where two dead-eyed women stalk each other through the shadows.

Biblical gets a lot of points with me. I listened to their album, Monsoon Season, on their site – and immediately got really excited because it was reminiscent of Red Fang, and I do enjoy Red Fang. Biblical’s Nick Sewell’s voice is less deep and more melodic than you might expect, though, which is a nice surprise for the genre. Also, they’re from Canada, like me (well, they’re from Toronto, but nobody’s perfect). And, possibly best of all, earlier this year, they opened for Andrew WK when he played Montreal – at Foufounes Electriques, whose dollar-beer night I availed myself of more than once in college. That’s a lot of upside.

So, if you like your rock like you like your beers, and by that you mean heavy and dark, give this a watch, and also let’s go get a beer.

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