Video | Black Prairie - Let It Out


[P]ortland’s Black Prairie released their third studio album, Fortune, on April 22 via Sugar Hill Records. The 5-piece bluegrass band is the vision of Decemberists musicians Chris Funk and Nate Query, who formed the band during some downtime in touring. They gathered up fellow Decemberists Jenny Conlee and John Moen, and brought singer/violinist Annalisa Tornfelt of Bearfoot and The Woolwines, and guitarist Jon Neufeld of Dolorean, along for the ride. Together the folksy supergroup have quite a bit of talent amongst themelves and have used their skills to create a unique sound that dabbles in jazz, indie/folk rock, and of course the aforementioned bluegrass. 

Their new video for the fantastic track, ” Let It Out,” is a macabre story of taxidermists whose profession takes a dark turn at the request of some unusual customers. Those customers just so happen to be Grimm star Claire Coffee and folk musician Michael Hurley, who makes his acting debut. It’s a great song and super-cool video …and I’m very happy to share it with you super-cool people. Enjoy!

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