Video | Bob Mould - Hold On

Alright, this post is less “wow, you need to know about this musician or band” and more “just making sure you saw this song and video,” because, well, it’s Bob Mould. I’m not going to try and explain you something you already know.

So, let’s take a boo at the video. First things first, this song is a hopeful song, a things-are-going-to-be-alright-eventually-we’ll-get-through-it-together song, and that in itself is sometimes exactly the ticket. I don’t like pablum and I don’t like platitudes, but like anyone, sometimes I could stand a little reassurance. “Hold On” delivers, managing to keep its positive message without descending into triteness. It also just straight rocks, which, you know, helps.

The video itself is a picture of what the inside of my heart looks like sometimes, from the perfect lowering Northwest sky and that rain-filtered light that you find nowhere else, to Portland’s cool newest bridge (to quote my friend on our trip there last summer, “Question: WHAT IS PORTLAND? Answer: BRIDGES!”), to a fringed leather jacket that I covet shamelessly. It’s also got an alternate-reality thing going on which is a good point if you’re trying to tell people everything will be ok. Sometimes that takes an alternate reality, you know?

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