Video | Current Swell - Rollin


As the token Canadian on staff here, it is incumbent upon me to tell you about Canadian bands when they come across my desk. As the even-more-token British Columbian, even more so for bands from my home province. So I am pleased to be writing today about Current Swell, from Victoria.

I mean, it’s not like I’m breaking the news, here. They’ve been doing the thing for 6 years and have fans all over the world – but maybe they’re about to get a few more right here. They’ll be playing Great Scott on March 12, but until then, get a load of this video for “Rollin.” I don’t usually exercise my real-life sailor mouth on this blog, but let’s be honest, this is a tiny badass fucking shit up all over a peaceful suburb. And the kid looks better in aviators than most adults.

I started playing the video on my computer at home and my husband could only hear, and not see, and after the first 20 seconds or so, he said “Is that ZZ Top?” So I feel like that is probably a plus. These gents are less extravagantly bearded, but consider: Victoria is in the south… of Canada. And this song would be great music to listen to bombing down an empty highway.

So, see you at Great Scott in a week and change? March 12th. Do it.

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