Video | Enrique Iglesias - I'm A Freak ft. Pitbull


[W]e here at Music Savage know full well that we cater to a particular music loving portion of the globe, and have been both praised and criticized for not embracing every style of music for the sake of our readers. People ask us all the time if we have any “guilty pleasure” artists or songs, and if we did Music Savage should have the courage to write a post on what song we secretly play while writing the review for (insert folk-artist here). Well for everyone out there that thinks we don’t cover enough genres of music I give to you the newest video for a fantastic song from a Music Savage favorite Enrique Iglesias.

Whether he is singing swoon-worthy love songs in Spanish to scantly clad supermodels in bed, or he is dancing his way through a wild party full of scantly clad supermodels, we can’t think of an artist better than Iglesias to represent the day Music Savage finally showed the world its true colors. “I’m A Freak,” you’re a freak, hell we are all freaks when it comes to the aptly named King of Latin Pop!