Video | Ex Hex - Don't Wanna Lose


I am not alone, at this fine publication, in liking Ex Hex a lot. Myself, I first encountered them when they opened for Rocket from the Crypt on their reunion tour last summer. One of the things that instantly endears a live band to me is stage moves. Rock moves and synchronized moves and dance moves, anything you’ve got, I am on board. And these 3 ladies were having a very party time onstage and dancing at each other, and on top of their moves, they had catchy, bouncy rock! Well, that was it for me, I was sold.

So when I saw that they had a video out that plays on Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains!, I knew we were in for more sweet moves, and I was not wrong. The funny thing is, it’s a takeoff on a movie from 1982 (a great year, but I may be biased), but absolutely none of it looks out of place.

Enjoy the video, and if you want to see moves in person, you can catch them at Great Scott on April 24. That may seem far, but their last show sold out, so don’t sleep.