Video | He's My Brother, She's My Sister - Tales That I Tell Presents He’s My Brother She’s My Sister – Tales That I Tell- Live from Phillip Jordan on Vimeo.

Los Angeles’ He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister is no ordinary folk band. They have such a great eclectic sound, that ranges from psychedelic to jazz to country to swing. Check out a video of them live playing their song ‘Tales that I tell’

For our readers in the Los Angeles area, HMBSMS will be headlining a May residency at The Satellite(formerly Spaceland) in Silverlake, California, beginning May 2, 2011.

Special guests for the residency include Jenny O, Cowboy & Indian, Soko, Mia Doi Todd, DJ: Ana Calderon, The Rag Dolls (burlesque troupe), Sweaters, Pleasure Circus, Harper Simon, Restavrant, Caught A Ghost, Black Hole Oscillators, Eddie Chacon, DJ: Ryan Hahn of Local Natives, The Silver Lake Chorus, Magic Mirror, Mecca Andrews, The Messes, DJs: Eddie Chacon and Sissy Saint-Marie of The Polyamorous Affair, Amanda Jo Williams, DJ: Luke Top of Fool’s Gold, Henry Wolfe, Empress Hotel, with many more to be announced soon.