Video | It Was Romance - Hooking Up With Girls

It might just be my specific vintage, but I feel like the “x was 20 years ago, can you believe it?” stuff is coming fast and furious these days; every day it’s the anniversary of something that seems like just yesterday. Well, It Was Romance is going to go us one better on that. They’ve put out a video for their latest, “Hooking Up With Girls,” and the video is a shot-for-shot remake of Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” video. Not even kidding a little bit. Here’s the original, for proof. And “Criminal” is 20 years old this year. I know. We are all unimaginably ancient. We can hold each other and get through this together. But, I mean, imagine how fun (and how much work) it was to source all the costumes and props to acheive the look!

Like “Criminal,” “Hooking Up With Girls” explores a troubled relationship; in this case, one that might not even be a relationship. You know these if you’ve lived them – the not-knowing is the killer. It’s just as well-suited to the grubby, bad-taste-in-your-mouth morning-after feeling as “Criminal” was. Nothing feels right and nothing quite makes sense and everything’s slightly off and wrong, and who even knows what this thing you’re in the middle of is supposed to be. I could also go on and on about Lane Moore’s voice, but I do that whenever I mention her, so I guess I’ll dial that down a notch this time (but seriously, her voice, it freaks me out in the best way).

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