Video | Metronomy - Old Skool

If you’re looking to shake your booty like it’s the Summer of 2008 I’ve got just the thing for you!

UK’s hottest dance-rock band is Metronomy. Lead-singer Joseph Mount and the gang are back with an all-new hot video that answers the question Whaaaaaat!?

This video has everything: beats, slugs, coked-up party people, a crazy-haired lady that looks like Catastrophe actress Sharon Horgan (it is), turntable freakouts from Mix Master Mike, The Night’s Watch, closet disco queens, and hedonistic ankle biting ..…It’s that thing, like when a group of people do a lot of drugs and summon goblin children to the den for public shaming.

Metronomy’s new album, Summer 08, is out July 1st on Because Music.

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