Video | My Drunken Haze - Carol Wait


Happy Monday! Did you go to a weird party this weekend? And if not, why not? Either way, I bet it wasn’t half as weird as the party in this video. All the way from Greece, My Drunken Haze gives us “Carol Wait,” off their self-titled debut album.

It’s sunny 60s garage pop that is totally belied by the dim and ominous atmosphere in the video. Handclaps and lyrics about drowning and hell – what is not to love here? Also, I think they have a time machine and hired 90s Liv Tyler to star in this video. That was probably a smart move since present-day Liv Tyler’s rates are probably out of the realm of possibility for a new band. Anyway, 90s Liv Tyler goes to this weird party, takes a pill, and things get kind of bizarre. How bizarre? First of all, now you REALLY need to watch the video so you can get “How Bizarre” out of your head – you’re welcome for that – and second of all, let’s just say there’s a PG-13 version of the bear scene from The Shining. See? I told you your party didn’t stack up against this one.

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