Video Premiere | Ron Gallo - Fine Diners & Fine Whiners


[R]on Gallo might be more known for his days as the front man for the Philadelphia based rock and roll band, Toy Soldiers, whose release last year, The Maybe Boys, was one of our favorites. So when we heard Gallo was releasing his own solo record, we were more than intrigued. Then we pressed play, and it wasn’t what we were expecting at all. Gallo’s solo record, Ronny, available on his bandcamp, is a blend of slow pop, weirdo country that hits with a good spirited, frank feel, like it’s straight out of the writer’s mind. As Bill Chenevert of PhillyNow put it, “Harry Nilsson-meets-Father John Misty bizarro country pop,” we think that’s just about right on.

We’re proud, and lucky to get the honor of premiering the video for Ronny‘s single, “Fine Diners & Fine Whiners”, a song that has light-hearted tone, yet the writing speaks a different story, a story of what might be the worst day. Annoyed with everything, everyone, and desperate to just get out. It almost feels as though its the ballad for those who have always felt like they were born the wrong person, in the wrong place, but have no way to explain it other than to make a joke. Simply spoken, it landed right in our wheelhouse.

Check out the video, and grab a copy of Gallo’s record, which has been on heavy rotation for us since landing on it.