Video Premiere | The Zambonis - Don't Pick a Fight With Chara


There aren’t many things I love more than music and hockey, so when the two are combined it’s a win worthy of the rock n’ roll Stanley Cup. Sure that doesn’t exist (yet) but if it did Bridgeport, CT’s one and only hockey loving band, The Zambonis, would hoist the trophy high each and every season.

Formed in 1991 by Captain Dave Schneider, The Zambonis quickly established themselves as the undebatable “Rock Lords of the Rink” with the release of their debut album 100% Hockey…and Other Stuff. The “other stuff'” indicated in the title is in fact hockey related so don’t get yourself 5 minutes for fighting with the author of this post.

The gang here at Music Savage are also hockey savages and we are beyond excited to bring to you fine folks the world premiere of the brand spanking new single/video aptly titled “Don’t Pick a Fight With Chara.” There are many written rules in the game of hockey, one of the unwritten rules however is specifically addressed in the opening lyrics “There’s one thing you really have to understand/You don’t pick a fight with a bull in a cage/And you don’t pick a fight with a really big man.”

The track consists of general dos and don’ts on how to successfully survive your time on the ice against someone the size and stature of Chewbacca (Charabacca?) and will have you in the penalty box with a 2 minute infraction for air guitar hooks and stage diving.

The Zambonis write songs only about hockey, life, love and, hockey. 24 years and over 200 songs about, hockey! Some songs are mysterious and involve intricate use of metaphors and symbolism. Not “Don’t Pick a Fight With Chara”. It’s pretty straight-forward.

Sure our beloved Black and Gold  did not make the playoffs this season but it’s still the most wonderful time of the year for hockey enthusiasts…The Playoffs! And as the saying goes there is always next year, which this time around includes the Winter Classic. Imagine the Bruins vs. Montreal, January 1st at Gillette with The Zambonis! This needs to happen.

Until then the boys will be in town Tuesday, May 5th for a show with The Baseball Project (members of REM, Young Fresh Fellows, and The Dream Syndicate) at Johnny D’s. Two words. Be There.

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