Video | The Bandicoots - Mind Your Manors


The Bandicoots know what you’re thinking. The second you read their name, you started thinking about Crash Bandicoot. This is ok with them. Apparently they had the game up and running for people to play at the merch table of a recent show. So that’s reason #1 that these guys are cool.

Reason #2 is that this video for “Mind Your Manors” answers the eternal question of our age, “Where’s Waldo?,” with “Where isn’t Waldo?” It’s a chase scene and a weird scene. There are bananas and sweet boots and one really creepy smile. It also answers the question “would you like to look at a drummer’s crotch?” with “yes, several times,” which is going to be a selling point for some of you and not for others. But stick with it anyway; the video is a lot of fun and the song has all the woo-la-la-las you might want. Um, that’s not a euphemism. I mean that they are literally singing those syllables and giving the whole thing a sweet 60s vibe.

You might think, given the identity of your humble correspondent, that reason #3 is that they’re from Canada, specifically Hamilton, ON. Wrong! I don’t care. I have SOME objectivity, you guys. Jeez.

Anyway, their debut EP comes out on April 14th! Help boost the economy of the Hamilton region, and buy it!