Video | The Gotobeds - New York's Alright


Remember in the 90s when televisions started offering “picture-in-picture” and everyone thought it was basically the coolest thing ever even though it’s a really awkward way to watch tv? Pittsburgh’s Gotobeds remember. Their video for “New York’s Alright” makes a much better use of that feature.

Their brand of fun, raucous indie-punk is perfectly suited to either shotgunning beers at Niagara Falls or watching a cat flip out over a laser beam – both of which they kindly provide in the video. Also, there’s a rainbow guitar strap involved that looks just like a pair of suspenders my dad used to have.

Now, this video came out a year ago. So why am I talking about it now? First of all, mind your own business. But second, two developments have recently occurred with The Gotobeds that are worth mentioning. They just got signed to Sub Pop – cue Maude Lebowski: “and proud we are of all of them” – and they’re heading out on tour starting today, and coming to the Cantab on Sunday, April 12th. And, listen, I know with the playoffs starting it’s tough to cheer for anyone from Pittsburgh, but try, ok?

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