Video | The Nuclears - Zegema Beach


Did you, like me, spend an hour and a half shoveling hip-high snow this morning? And that was just round one? Then what you need is this video (and perhaps also hot chocolate with booze in it).  It’s literally the opposite of 3 feet of snow. It’s a surf extravaganza about Starship Troopers.

You heard me.

I’ve talked about Brooklyn buddies The Nuclears before, and this video is for a song off their 2014 album This Is How We Party. It’s also an amazing B-movie-looking beach party, complete with surfing, babes, and plastic insects fighting (or possibly having sex?). So why are you still reading this? Watch the video! Then go out and finish shoveling, already. And come see them when they come up to Boston next, probably in late February.

Would you like to know more? The Nuclears website | Facebook | Twitter