You Ought to Know | Field Report

I am Not Waiting Anymore

Fergus Falls

One of the absolutely stunning memories from my recent SXSW trip was the two shows I got to see with the band Field Report. Field Report is Chris Porterfield, whose debut as Field Report made their world debut at SXSW. Originally Porterfield was with DeYarmond Edison (Bon Iver & Megafaun) and after the breakup went back to Wisconsin and began writing songs. In December 2011, his songs were recorded. What’s remarkable about the music is how carefully the songs seem to be crafted. They are tender and delicate, excellently written and slightly poignant. The music contains a similar feel to that of Bon Iver, a bit atmospheric, multi-layers; but Field Report feels a bit more twangy, which may be due to Porterfield’s more grainy voice.

I was totally enwrapped during their show (both times I saw them) and for good reason. I really think these guys will go places, the solid combination of songwriting and musicianship puts them ahead of the class, and the association of a Grammy winner doesn’t hurt either.