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Langhorne Slim Blows Your Mind

So Glad I’m Coming Home
Back to the Wild
Diamonds and Gold

I was introduced to Langhorne Slim just before the release of his newest album Be Set Free in 2009.  I generally have an affinity towards folk music and Langhorne Slim is right at the top of my list.  He’s one of those singer/songwriters that writes some of the most gut wrenching songs you’ll hear.  He does it with a charisma and energy that almost seems unparalleled.

I remember popped on Diamonds and Gold, and from the moment I heard that song, I knew I had to hear more from him.  I remember being disappointed when would not let me replay the song.

I think a great representation of his music was his fantastic daytrotter session he performed and recorded in May.  When he performed So Glad I’m Coming Home you can feel every ounce of the emotion put into it, its inspiring.  Captured in words perfectly when describing his music, ‘Sweet hallelujah choruses bleed throughout,’ it makes you want to get up and howl at the top of your lungs; when he reaches crescendo in his songs its something to behold.

Langhorne Slim is playing all over Massachusetts this week, and if all goes right, I’ll be seeing him at the Wellfleet Beachcomber this weekend.  Hope to see you all there.

July 16 @ Middle East in Cambridge, MA w/ Ha Ha Tonka
July 17 @ Wellfleet Beachcomber in Wellfleet, MA w/ Ha Ha Tonka
July 19 @ Iron Horse in Northampton, MA w/ Ha Ha Tonka

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